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Success Stories

Julie, one of our trainee volunteers

“I saw the advert for volunteers for Home Start in the Raring2Go magazine from my children's school and thought it sounded like a great idea – exactly what I would have liked to have known about when my first child was born.

The workshops so far have been fantastic; informative and thought provoking, lead by enthusiastic people who understand the concerns of the volunteers.  The group I'm in is full of people with different experiences and from different backgrounds.  We're learning from each other each week as well as from the courses and the co-ordinators themselves.  I feel like I'm going to be properly prepared to be useful to a family when the time for placement comes – and I also know I'll have the right back-up from the co-ordinators if I face anything I'm not comfortable with."

Jane, one of our trainee volunteers

"Home-Start's training course has been great for me - it has helped me get some confidence back and has been very informative, and the classes have been good fun with a lovely group of volunteers.

I was looking for some kind of voluntary work with a 'caring for people' slant and Home-Start were the most forthcoming in helping me with this. Also I have heard of Home-Start's good reputation as an organisation and regarding their training course. I volunteered to get out of the rut I was in after major personal problems, moving into a new area, and previous problems with anxiety, depression and consequent lack of self confidence!"

Family 1726

"When my health visitor referred me, I didn't know much about Home-Start. But I'm so glad she referred me - my volunteer was wonderful, and I've had Penny as my volunteer for two years.

Penny's been like a lifeline for me. She fitted in with me and my family's routines straight away. She waited for us until we were ready to address our issues, and saw the gaps that needed to be filled and helped us to do that. She was very flexible and I couldn't have managed without her, as she supported me whenever i needed her. She was great when we went out with the kids and helped me to attend a toddler group. She even sang songs, read books and painted with me and the kids."

Family 1740

"My volunteer Sue has been like a grandma and a fantastic, invaluable volunteer. She is very kind and brilliant with the kids, who adore her, but she has also been a friend to me when I needed adult conversation. She is a credit to Home-Start and has helped especially with my daughter and her development.

Sue has been a huge help, and had a lot of knowledge and advice to share with me. My own mother died when I was 26, and my volunteer has been a mother figure, there to help me, comfort me and guide me. I would certainly recommend Home-Start to other families."

Family 2025

"My volunteer Jackie worked with us for 9 months, and she's been fantastic - so understanding, and genuinely enthusiastic about helping us. Her lively personality meant that we clicked very early, and she inspired confidence in us straight away. I trusted Jackie with my son, and she really got on with him very well.

She was sensitive to our needs and respected me as a parent. She was conscious of not taking over, and just accepted us as we are and encouraged us to have fun together. She was so friendly yet professional, and knew her boundaries. Jackie was even excellent at time keeping - she never let us down once.